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Spearhead WWII Combat Veteran
Aurio Pierro Passes Away at Age 100
on April 3rd, 2017

Silver Star & Purple Heart Recipient
See Boston Globe Article

TOP PHOTO: 3rd Armored Sherman tanks firing 75mm high-explosive rounds as artillery southeast of Stolberg, Germany, on November 16, 1944. This was the furthest advance into Germany by any Allied force at that point in the war (U.S. Army Signal Corp photo obtained and restored by in 2016). LOWER: The 280mm Atomic Cannon that was de facto attached to the 3rd Armored in West Germany during much of the late 1950's and early '60's for purposes of the cannon's security and shared artillery field exercises. However it remained under direct operational control by a special V Corps nuclear crew. Pictured above as part of a public weapons display near Frankfurt, the cannon could fire 550-pound nuclear and conventional shells up to 20 miles with great accuracy. The photo, a Kodachrome slide, was located by Jim MacClay of staff in 2016. (Photo copyright by Merritt Nesin)

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Selection of 10 soldiers as part of the 52 soldiers listed in the
"WWII Soldiers' Memoirs" section of the complete website.
These are works by or about these 3AD men:

  SSgt Aurio Pierro
Cpl Clarence Smoyer
Sgt Don Marsh
Cpl Dick Goodie
Capt Moses Rabson

Maj Gen Maurice Rose
SSgt Lafayette Pool
T/4 Marvin Mischnick
Capt Chris Brous
1Lt "Hap" Paulson

Special: The Marvin Mischnick WWII Photo Collection


Battle of Mons, Belgium, aftermath, September, 1944: Lines of German POW's guarded by 3rd Armored Div. troops are shown on their way to a staging area inside France. The town shown is Maubeuge, France, a few miles from the Belgium border. At right is a 3rd Armored M5 Stuart light tank and its crew. Original World Press International photo located in 2016 by Jim MacClay of staff.

Below: "March 1945 - Duel at the Cathedral" Video
DVD released in Germany in early 2015; can now be ordered in the USA (English version).
Over two hours of Cologne research results, featuring much 3AD footage.

Details and DVD order information ($19.99)
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3AD WWII veteran Bill Ruth
passes away on August 20, 2015

William (Bill) B. Ruth, Sr., long-time Board member and two-time past President of the 3rd Armored Division Association, passed away on August 20, 2015, at age 93 after a brief illness. He served with Service Co. of the 33rd Armored Regiment throughout all five European battle campaigns of the 3AD during 1944-45. He is sadly missed by his Army buddies and by many veterans of the 3AD of all era's. He was an early consultant and a vital inspiration in the establishment of the website in 2003. Beginning in 1999 Bill was instrumental in prodding the History Channel to create a 3AD film documentary, which resulted directly in the 2002 release of the classic "Rolling Thunder - The True Story of the 3rd Armored Division." Into his early 90's, Bill remained enthusiastic and active with other veterans groups, including the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge and the all-era younger 3AD group, the Association of 3d Armored Division Veterans, which had formed in 1998. (tribute continued)

See PDF of Bill's induction in 2010 into the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame
(Article in the 3AD Newsletter of May 2011, including additional photos)

TIME Magazine Cover 1961
Major General Creighton Abrams
3rd Armored Division Commander, 1960-62

(for whom today's Abrams M1 battle tank is named)

"... [the 3AD] ready to fight with gunpowder or tactical nukes."

About TIME Cover Story

Elvis Presley - possibly the best singer in the Division's history

Elvis received his draft notice at age 23 in Memphis, TN, and was inducted on March 24, 1958, After 6 months at basic and advanved training at Ft, Hood, TX, he was assigned to the 3rd Armored Division's 1st Battalion, 32nd Armor Regiment, Ray Barracks, Friedberg, West Germany. He served with the Division from 10/1/58 to 3/1/60. At discharge his rank was Sgt. E-5 amd his MOS was 133.60: Armor Intelligence Specialist, or "Scout". (Presley photo montage above © 3rd Armored Division History Foundation)

More about Elvis at the 3AD

DRONES in the 1960's?
Below: A pioneer in the U.S. military's use of aerial drones, the 503rd Aviation Bn
of the 3AD is shown in West Germany on the frontline of the Cold War in 1965.

(from Spearhead Newspaper 9/3/1965)

3AD Victory at Canadian Army Trophy (CAT) 1987
"The World Series" of NATO Battle Tank Competition

1st Platoon, D Company, 4-8 Cavalry, 3rd Armored Division - 19 June 1987

Members of 1/D/4-8 Cav celebrate their great win at Grafenwoehr, Germany, over NATO's best tank crews. First Row (kneeling) from left: PFC Brent S. Berry, PFC Steven E. Kuhn, SGT David Wills, SPC Robert W. Perez, PFC Carl N. Voke (RIP), SSG Daniel Mariano, SGT Eric Knox, SPC Bradley J. Wellendorf (holding plaque), 1LT Pierre E. Massar, and 1SG Gary Fravel. Second Row from left: SPC David M. Segrest, SGT Sean Banks, SPC David J. Thornton, SSG Kenneth Pridgen, SFC William G. Kemmits, SGT James Flaherty, and CPL Jeffrey Norman. (Photo from Steven Kuhn)

Below: Elements of 3rd Brigade, 3AD, regroup in Iraq
following Desert Storm combat in February, 1991.

A never-before-published photo from SFC Gregory Berge (US Army, Ret.), NCOIC of 3rd Brigade S-5


Contingent of 3AD troops at 1991 Victory Parade in Washington, D.C.

The Desert Storm Victory Parade in Washington, D.C. on June 8, 1991, included the above battalion-size formation of 3AD troops representing various units from throughout the Division. At the lead is Maj. Gen. Jerry R. Rutherford (third from right), followed by his staff. Rutherford had taken command of the 3AD from Maj. Gen. Paul E. Funk in Kuwait following Desert Storm. The above Spearhead troops had flown from Germany for the event and are shown after crossing D.C.'s Memorial Bridge (with the Lincoln Memorial in distant background). About 9,000 U.S. military personnel from all branches took part in the parade, which included Constitution Ave. and ended at the Pentagon. (By staff)


Duel at Dessau - April 1945
3AD's "Super Pershing" vs. Germany's "King Tiger"
WWII's two most powerful tanks would meet in a momentary, violent encounter

Top Photo: The "Super Pershing" T26E4, a modified standard Pershing T26, is shown at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, in early 1945 shortly before being shipped to the 3rd Armored Division inside Germany via England. Bottom Photo: The legendary 77-ton German King Tiger, or Tiger II.

Details of the Tank Duel

issued to 3rd Armored Division troops in West Germany

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3rd Armored Division Annual Reunion 1952, Philadelphia, PA
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33rd Armored Regiment, Co. "E"
Indiantown Gap, Pa. - May, 1943
original photo size: 33 inches wide
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BELOW: Section from above photo

THIS CLOSE-UP from the center of the top photo shows then Capt. William B. Lovelady (above front row, 2nd from left). Note the shiny Captain bars on cap. He later became commanding officer of the regiment's 2nd Bn, and, as a Lt. Col., would lead that battalion through all five European campaigns (1944-45). He was in charge of the 3AD task force that bore his name and was the first Allied unit to invade across the German border in WWII, the famous "Task Force Lovelady".

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