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3AD WWII veteran Bill Ruth
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Bill is survived by Lale, his loving wife of 67 years of the family home in Worthington, Ohio; their five children; 12 grandchildren; four great grandchildren; numerous nieces and nephews; and Bill's two younger brothers. He was a lifelong Vocational Educator; beginning with Westerville City Schools where he taught veterans returning from WWII under the GI Bill and at Whitehall High School teaching Marketing and Sales, including numerous state and national champion DECA teams. Bill completed his career as State Supervisor for Adult Education with The Ohio Department of Education. One of the founding fathers of adult vocational education in Ohio, he established programs throughout the state and developed a strong cadre of new leaders for the adult vocational programs. The Bill Ruth Award, named in his honor, has been awarded continuously for the past 31 years to many of the top "Dragon Slayers" in Adult Workforce Development. Bill earned a B.S. from Pennsylvania State University, and a Masters in Education from Ohio State University.