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A Tense Impromptu Concert Inside Iraq
after the end of Desert Storm, 1991
(read below)


In 2005, Band member Rob Sherwin writes about this situation:

"3AD Band members are, from left to right: SPC Patrick Cutter (notice his eyes) , SFC Leonard Maxi (also holding camcorder), and SSG Robbie Collier.

"That was a strange gig. We had no idea we were going to do this (at least I didn't). We had just gotten off the bus and there we were. The war was over, and we were at a refugee camp inside Iraq near the Kuwait border. For whatever reason, we had no security troops near us.

"All of us in the band were nervous. There was a group of Iraqi elders seated nearby, and they weren't smiling. But we struck up the music and started marching. Suddenly a lot of young men and boys (seen in the background above) swarmed right into our ranks. I think we all doubted our safety, and it was difficult to march like that.

"But march we did, and somehow nothing sinister happened. We played Glen Miller's 'In the Mood', as well as other lively pieces. When we passed the elders, they stood up, as if out of respect. It became clear that the young men and boys enjoyed our presence and the music. It was a very strange gig indeed, but a good one."

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