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Example of a Performance:
3rd Armored Division Band
1987 Christmas Concert
The Terrace Club - Abrams Complex - December 17, 1987
(Band members roster included below)


The Sinfonians
by Clifton Williams

White Christmas
by Irving Berlin
1SG John Lewis, Conductor

by C. M. von Weber
Sp4 Robby Sherwin, Clarinetist

Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
by Leon Jessel
SSG Lisa Carpenter, Conductor

Bugler's Holiday
by LeRoy Anderson
SSG Bobby Humphries, Conductor
Tumpet Trio:
SSG Kelly Kissinger
SSG Lawrence Kirkwood
Sgt Roy Rhoads

Caribbean Fantasy
by John Morrissey
1SG John Lewis, Conductor

Trumpeter's Lullaby
by LeRoy Anderson
SSG Dexter Peel, Conductor
Baritone Trio:
SSG Jay Gatten
Sgt Richard Miller
SGT Kim Thomas

Sleigh Ride
by LeRoy Anderson
SSG Kenneth Williams, Conductor


Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
by J. S. Bach
Carols by Frankfurt Gennan-American Choir
Mr. Melvin Brown, Conductor

Carol of the Drum
by Katherine Davis
Sp4 Eileen Murphy, Drummer

T'was The Night Before Christmas
by Clement Moore
Sgt Mare Newcome-Biell, Story Teller

Russian Christmas Music
by Alfred Reed

Jingle Bells
O' Tannenbaum
Silent Night
We Wish You A Merry Christmas


Band Members:

SSG Mare Newcome-Biell
Sp4 Erika Becker
Sp4 Allison Kirby
Sp4Becky Nelson

SSG Dexter Peel
Sgt Harry Whittington
Sgt Joseph Goozales
Sp4 Robby Sherwin
Sp4 James Knott (bass)
Sp4 Diane Robbins

SFC Timothy Wilson

SSG Calvin Cain

SSG Michael Jones
Sp4 Michael Rousseau
Sp4 Joel Hooper
Sp4 Ralph Whelan
Sp4 Kristina Arnold

SSG Kelly Kissinger
SSG Lawrence Kirkwood
SSG Bruce Carpenter
Sgt Robbie Collier
Spe Roy Roads
Sp4 Patrick Lowe

SSG Jay Gatten
Sgt Richard Miller
Sgt Kim Thomas

1SG John Lewis
Sgt Eugene Smith
Sgt Timothy Rea
Sgt Richard Wilfong
Sp4 Derek Ryan

French Horn
SSG Kenneth Williams
SSG Lee McPherson
Sgt Susan Miller
Sgt Robert Cook

SSG Bobby Humphries
Sp4 Sam Boggs
Sp4 Theresa Moran

String Bass
SSG Lisa Carpenter
Sp4 Dirk Griffin

SFC John Tendell
SSG Wendell Carroll
SSG Hosley Hall
Sgt James Bartelt
Sp4 Eilene Murphy
Sp4 Edward Bejarana
Sp4 Darrell Strickland
Pvt David DeCamp

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