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Production Background
Edwards Kaserne

John's Gasthaus
Drake Kaserne

Friedberg Formation
Frankfurt Train Station

Trucks Pass Station
Homburger Landstrasse
Entering Edwards

Stroll to Gasthaus Gig
Elvis Sings "G.I. Blues"
Lili of "Cafe Europa"
Elvis Soaps Up
Barracks Room
Tanks in Motor Pool

Sarge Chews Out Elvis
Tanks Near Friedberg
Elvis Handles Shell

Sarge Chews Out Crew
Elvis as Tank Gunner
Gig at Wiesbaden AFB
Frankfurt Airport

Elvis Serenades Lili
All Day with Lili

The Big Kiss
Song "Frankfurt Special"

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  Filmed with the cooperation of the 3rd Armored Division in 1959-60, "G.I. Blues" is a treasure trove of memories for all U.S. soldiers who served in Germany during the 50's, 60's, and even the 70's. Elvis himself had served with the 3rd Armored in 1958-60. In 2001 the movie was re-released on DVD format but is no longer available in VHS video cassette. For the ultimate "blast from the past," this DVD is a G.I. classic.

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