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3AD HQ, G-2 Section, WWII
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Novel by a 3AD WWII Veteran in 1958

Fair warning: Before you start searching book sellers for this
extremely rare paperback, please read the actual promo text below.

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Promotion Text:


From Page #1:


General "Hinky-Dink" Hinkley - "We're going to take that town in three days. And I don't give a damn how much junk the krauts throw at us!"

Major Van Lawrence - "The Germans can see every move we make. Tomorrow they'll knock us down like pins in an alley. Have I got the guts to lead my men through hell?"

War Correspondent Ellen Dantorth - "I love Van. Tonight may be our last together. I must show him my love."

Captain Charlie Bradlow - "I fought with this outfit all the way from the beaches. I should have had Lawrence's command. Well, tomorrow we'll see who's the better man."

Here is a tense, action-packed story written by a combat veteran. Franklin M. Davis, Jr., is a Regular Army lieutenant-colonel who served in Europe in World War II. He was with the 3rd Armored Division in the First Army in the Rhineland and Central Europe campaigns and was awarded a Bronze Star Medal. Previously he had served with the XVIII Airborne Corps in the Ardennes.


From Back Cover:


Major Van Lawrence took command of the tank-infantry team which would spearhead the drive across the Rhine. Lawrence was a good, book soldier, but he'd never been in combat. His troops were battle-hardened killers who thought a green officer was more dangerous than the enemy. His second in command was jealous of Lawrence's rank. And in the town ahead two kraut divisions were thirsting to blast Lawrence and his men to bloody shreds.

If was a hell of a spot for any man. Could Van Lawrence prove he had the savvy and raw guts to win? Tomorrow would give the answer.


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