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TANK BEER really existed
... but the world wasn't ready for it.
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By Staff


Just when an announcement was to be made in early 2004 that the 3AD History Website was to have an "official beverage," the sad news was learned that Tank Beer had been permanently discontinued in 2003. The product was conceived of by a Long Island, NY, wine company that began marketing the beer in 2000 in both North America and Europe. It was brewed and bottled in Israel especially for the U.S. firm and even had its own website (

But sales simply did not catch on and the plug was pulled in early 2003, although dwindling supplies still exist in certain distribution channels. This was a tragedy for all of us. By all accounts from Website Staff and friends, and by an anonymous former 3AD Commanding General, the beer was excellent. Made with high quality European grain and hops, it was a hearty, full-bodied, dark lager beer that reminded us of a really good German beer.

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