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"Spearhead" G.I. Joe Action Figure
with his companion "Max" the Bobcat
(Explanation of this zaniness is below.)

Enlarge package on right



"Spearhead" G.I. Joe was first made by Hasbro Toy Company in 1982. It was then one of about a dozen U.S. Army action figures in the new 3.75-inch G.I. Joe series. While neither the figure nor its packaging indicates 3rd Armored Division per se, nor displays the 3AD patch, there can be no doubt that Hasbro capitalized on the Division's famous nickname, which had been unique to 3AD troops since 1944.

Spearhead's "mad" combat sidekick "Max" was a highly-trained bobcat, in the spirit of these off-the-wall and fearless military figures. Along with Max, Spearhead came with a separate helmet, high-tech rifle, machete knife, and backpack.

Spearhead was manufactured for 20 years, with breaks of course in production, and slight modifications in color and detail. The last issue year was 2002, as shown above in a retail package, where he had evolved into a space-age-like infantryman. On the left (above) is a 1987 issue.

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