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PREFACE: Why We Dedicate a Section to "OW"


By the Website Editor in March, 2006:

Some may ask, "Why is the Overseas Weekly (OW) featured on a 3rd Armored Division site?"

The answer goes beyond the fact that over time a number of senior OW editors and managers, including long-time Editor-in-Chief Curt Daniell, were former 3rd Armored soldiers. The true answer lies in the extensive Internet research by our Web Staff in early 2006 which revealed very surprisingly, even shockingly, that online public information about OW was fragmentary and practically non-existent.

No person or organization had come forward on the Internet to post some sort of history or even the smallest graphic collection dealing with this legendary newspaper. And this was a paper known by nearly all American Armed Forces personnel who served in Europe during 1950-1975 or in the Pacific, including Vietnam, during 1964-1975. Until such time when someone does come forward to post a more extensive OW history or archive, our 3rd Armored Division Site, by default and by duty, will carry the torch as best we can.

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