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Inactivation of the Spearhead Division on 17 October 1992
at Brooks Field, Fort Knox, Kentucky

Four past 3rd Armored Division commanding generals attended,
as well as numerous other 3AD vets, families, and friends.

  In photo above, Command Sgt. Major Richard L. Ross, right, passes the 3rd Armored Division banner with battle ribbons to Lt. Gen. Frederick M. Franks, Jr., marking the official retirement of the Division. Watching at far left is 4-star Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, Chief Of Staff, United States Army. An earlier ceremony of inactivation from USAREUR Command had taken place at Drake Kaserne in Frankfurt in January, 1992. However, Army regulations prescribe that a divisional "casing of the colors," or final & complete inactivation, cannot occur on foreign soil. In attendance at the Ft. Knox ceremony were former Spearhead Commanding Generals Walter Kerwin, Jr.; George Joulwan; Paul Funk; and Jerry Rutherford. Gen. Franks had commanded the 7th Corps during 1989-91 in Germany and in Gulf War I.

(Photo by Durell Hall, Jr., of the Louisville Courier-Jounal)

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