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Twenty-Five 3AD WWII Vets
Attend Ft. Knox Ceremony


From December, 1992, 3AD Association Newsletter:


The Ceremony took place on October 17th, 1992, at ten o'clock on Brooks Field, Fort Knox, Kentucky.

General George Joulwan came from the Base at Panama and shook hands with all of the WWII Veterans & guests. The General visited with us at the Reunion in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1988. Maj. Gen. Paul Funk addressed those in attendance and asked the WWII Veterans to stand to be recognized. The size of the group attending made that very impressive.

Our current President, Robert Riensche and his wife Charlotte (143rd Signal), plus 12 past-Presidents and a number of wives, attended. The list of 3rd Armored Division WWII veterans in attendance follows:

Baker, Manuel - Serv. Btry. 54th
Danay, John - Hq/33rd
DeSoto, Ernest - Col. USA Ret.
Edie, Bill - CGB & Hq/36th
Epiey, Herb - 1/36th
Esbrook, Andrew - E/32nd
Freear, Joe - G/32nd
Fullerton, Bill - Hq/391st
Garcia, Armand - Hq/83rd
Gardocky, Julius - D/83rd
Hanneman, LeRoy - Hq/23rd
Hirt, Charles - 143rd Sig.
Kellihan, George - A/54th
Latham, James - B/54th
Limmroth, Weldon - 143rd Sig.
Mclntyre, Ed - A/703rd
Riensche, Robert - 143rd Sig.
Robinson, Joe - Hq/Sup.
Schumacher, Marc - C/33rd
Shacklette, Thane - 32nd
Sherman, Guy - D/83rd
Stager, Bob - Med/Att. 36th
Steele, Russell - Hq/33rd
Swenson, Harley - B/32nd
Wood, Claude - B/67th

Five of the members listed above, attended the meeting of the Armored Corps Council on Oct. 16 & 17 at the Gait House East Hotel in Louisville, KY.

Bill Edie (CCB & Hq/36th) receives congratulations on the considerable work that he did in notifying and setting up hotel rooms at the Holiday Inn plus a Hospitality Room for those attending. He also sent out a complete letter on the event, plus directions and explanations.

Thanks Bill Edie for a job well done.

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