Yearbook from Donald E. Feldman,
23rd Engineer Bn, 3AD, 1955-57
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Voted Best 3AD Yearbook of the Entire Cold War
(as judged by the Web Staff)

  1. Cover & Map  < Start
2. Recruiting in 1955

3. Small Arms Training
4. Inspection Formations
5. Recruits & Duffel Bags
6. Physical Training
7. Mock Battles
8. Service Club Dance
9. Shot in the Arm
10. 105mm Howitzer
11. Bazooka Training
12. Unit Portraits
13. Yearbook Owner
14. CG & Chief of Staff
15. Engineers & Signal
16. Tankers in Field
17. Vehicles in Mud
18. Infiltration Course
19. Grenade Training
20. M-1 Riflemen
21. Recon Planes
22. Parade Review

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  NOTE ABOUT PHOTO QUALITY: The 1956 yearbook, as outstanding as it was, suffered from fairly regular printing problems with the photos, in addition to many of the photos being very small. We have tried our best to digitally enhance this selection, if not always successful.

3rd Armored Division, Ft. Knox, 1955-56

and deployed to Germany in 1956


Division Headquarters:
General Staff
Special Staff
HQ & HQ Co
503rd MP Co
3AD Band
3AD NCO Academy
Combat Command A (HQ & HQ Co)
Combat Command B (HQ & HQ Co)
Combat Command C (HQ & HQ Co)

Combat Command A:
7th Tank Bn
13th Armored Infantry Bn
23rd Armored Engineer Bn

Combat Command B:
32nd Tank Bn
33rd Tank Bn
83rd Reconnaissance Bn
709th Tank Bn

Combat Command C:
29th Armored Infantry Bn
36th Armored Infantry Bn
37th Armored Infantry Bn

Division Artillery:
HQ & HQ Battery
54th Armored Field Artillery Bn
57th AAA Bn (AW/SP)
65th Armored Field Artillery Bn
67th Armored Field Artillery Bn
509th Armored Field Artillery Bn

Division Trains:
HQ & HQ Co
143rd Armored Signal Co.
3AD Quartermaster Bn
503rd Replacement Co
122 Armored Ordinance Bn
45th Armored Medical Bn
3AD Air Section
3AD Chaplain Section


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