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The "Secret Society" of the 23rd Engineer Battalion
Photo from 1963 3AD Yearbook


This 1963 yearbook group is the only known photo of a 3AD 23rd Engineers nuclear demolition team (ADM). The soldiers were not identified. The platoon (or any renamed similar unit) was not pictured, or mentioned, in the following yearbook (1966), nor in any 3AD publication to follow that we can locate. But the Spearhead ADM mission and its weapons secretively continued to exist, apparently into the 1980's. That mission, in case of Soviet attack, included the use of ADM's as nuclear land-mines and their deployment to destroy tunnels, bridges, and dams to disrupt enemy troop movements.

Were you in the above photo, or a member of any subsequent 3AD ADM team? Please contact the webmaster. We are in need of harmless general information. Your identity will remain anonymous.

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