From the "Saudi Spearhead"
Issue 4 - February 27, 1991
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By Spearhead Staff

The driver of one Allied HUMM-V knew he'd had it when his vehicle became bogged down in the mud as an Iraqi armored squad bore down on his position. Resigned to his fate, he and his companions prepared for a fire-fight in which they were hopeless outgunned. His horror turned to hope when the Iraqi crew approached his position, hooked its tank up to the bogged-down vehicle, and pulled it out of the muck. Its mission completed, the Iraqi crew then happily surrendered to its astonished captors.

Soldiers were not the only ones accepting surrender. One news crew discovered that whenever they pointed their video camera toward Iraqi positions, the soldiers would surrender. Wielding this electronic weapon, the crew soon had dozens of soldiers in tow. To prove the surprise was not complete, the EPWs then began chanting "Norman! Norman!" in tribute to Desert Storm's CINC whenever the camera focused on them.

The first words out of the mouth of one captured Iraqi soldier was "What took you guys so long?" in perfect English. The impatient prisoner then explained he was from Chicago and had been drafted into the Iraqi Army shortly after the Kuwaiti invasion while he was visiting his grandmother in Baghdad.

London International Group PLC's stock is going up, largely because of a British government contract to supply sand-colored condoms for desert troops to fit over the M-16's barrel. The prophylactics provide better protection in a desert environment than the traditional barrel caps, officials say. Financial experts say the rise in the company's stock value should be limited to the war's duration. The condoms do not sell well on the open market because of the color and, presumably, because of their size.


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