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The Persian Gulf War put Spearhead troops to the real test. No longer were they in Grafenwoehr or Hohenfels, but in the deserts of Kuwait and Iraq. These stories tell the tale of the tankers, cannon cockers, grunts, and aviators of the division.

Creating this issue of The Spearhead proved challenging because every combat soldier deserves the opportunity to relate their story. Because that would be an incredible feat, we took a cross-section of Spearhead soldiers and found a strong mix of stories that relate all elements of 3rd Armored Division's role in the Persian Gulf War.

The title for this issue, "Desert Blitzkrieg," symbolizes the division's past and present. 3rd Armored emerged victorious from the German battlefields - the supposed home of "blitzkrieg," or lightning war - in World War II. Just like 3rd Armored turned the tables on the Germans in 1945, the division fought the mother of all ground wars in lightning fashion, pushing Iraqi soldiers out of Kuwaiti sands. Hopefully, this special edition will stand as a time piece for the division, a staple of any Spearhead soldier's coffee table.

Spring, 1991


The Spearhead is an offset-press publication printed by The Stars and Stripes, Griesheim, Germany. Circulation for this special edition is 20,000.

Public Affairs Officer
Capt. Charles Brunson
Spec. Crista Walker
Spec. Edgar Morrison
Associate Editors
Staff Sgt. Gail Thueson
Spec. Don Parker
Photo Editors
Capt. Kim Wortham
Spec. Andrew Movius
Capt. Michael Gollaher
1st Lt. Bill Armstrong
2nd Lt. Mark Simmons
Master Sgt. Dennis Lindsey
Sgt. 1st Class Gail Seaman
Sgt. Tony Wunderlich
Spec. Roland Gautier
Spec. Tobin Hill
The Spearhead
Spring 1991, Vol. 2, No. 1

The Spearhead is an authorized, unofficial publication published under the provision of AR 360-81 for personnel of the 3rd Armored Division. The Spearhead is supervised by the Division Public Affairs Officer. Views and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the command.

Editorial officers are located in Building 514, Drake Kaserne, Frankfurt, Germany, APO NY, 09039. Telephone Drake Military ETS (328) 7236 or 7308.

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