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The photographer writes:

Top Photo: "A 3rd Armored 155mm M-109A2 self-propelled howitzer (left) and an M-992 ammunition carrier pause during the push into Iraq during the opening days of Desert Storm. In the background can be seen one of the long support trains of vehicles that supported the heavy punch of the 3AD scouts and tanks. This was taken on the third day of the battle, as evidenced by the scrub foliage that only appeared as the unit got closer to the Euphrates river plain. This is also evidenced by the many vehicle tracks in the soft sandy soil. During the first two days of the battle, vehicles stayed in tracks laid down by the engineers and mine-clearing tanks."

Bottom Photo: "A destroyed Iraqi self-propelled howitzer (Russian SO-122) was typical of many vehicles that littered the battlefield. It was hit on the left rear panel (behind the open hatch), and the U. S. tank round exited the vehicle just under the right edge of the turret. Many of the vehicles destroyed were either attempting to flee from coalition forces, or were sand-drifted into berms facing southeast, the direction Iraq's forces had imagined they would be attacked from."

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