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"MOPP-4" Alert (chem/bio) at 3AD Warehouse Barracks
(probably the result of Iraqi Scud missile launch)


Soldier in foreground is Rob Sherwin, Div HQ & 3AD Band, who has provided us with the following info about "MOPP" Alerts off the Internet:

MOPP: Mission Oriented Protective Posture, a short lesson:

MOPP Level 0: The mask is worn in a carrier on the soldier's hip. Chemical-protective gear is issued, prepared, and located so the soldier can retrieve it within 5 minutes. Level 0 is used during periods of increased alert when the enemy has chemical/biological employment capability, but there is no indication of use in the immediate future.

MOPP Level 1: The chemical overgarment (pants and jacket) are worn, and the rest of the equipment is carried. Level 1 is used when it is determined that chemical/biological attack within the theater of operations is possible.

MOPP Level 2: The overgarment is worn, and the overboots are worn. The mask, hood and gloves are carried in the mask-carrier, strapped to the hip. Level 2 is initiated when chemical/biological attack is probable.

MOPP Level 3: The overgarment, mask/hood, and overboots are worn, but the protective gloves may be carried. Level 3 is used after chemicals have been used by the enemy, but in areas with negligible hazard.

MOPP Level 4: Everything is worn. This condition is used during/after an attack when chemical weapons have been used or are suspected.

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