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Top Photo: Behind the medical M-113A3 APC are (from left) another M-113A3; an M-728 Combat Engineer Vehicle, or CEV (barely visible); and an M-60 Armored Vehicle Launched Mine Clearing Line Charge (MICLIC), which was used for breaching minefields.

Bottom Photo: Info about this photo was received by on Sep 24, 2010, from LTC Marty Leners, MIL USA TRADOC, with additional detail provided on Sep 27, 2010, from LTC Kim Wortham, USAR:

2LT Marty Leners is the soldier with his back to the tank, which was named "Cool Breeze." SGT Glenn Wilson is on the far left, with PFC Eric Eichner standing next to him. Individual with back to camera is Fred Bayles (Associated Press correspondent) and individual with helmet and goggles is John Fialka (Wall Street Journal correspondent). The photo was taken a few hours after the “100 Hour Cease Fire." At the time Leners' tank platoon had just finished re-arming and re-fueling and the soldiers had not been informed that the war was over. The lack of sleep is apparent on their faces.

Leners' platoon was originally part of 1-68 Armor Battalion stationed in Wildflecken, Germany. It was a non-deploying unit, but that platoon, along with three others, were attached to 4th Battalion, 34th Armored Battalion, stationed in Mainz, Germany. Leners' company (C, 4/34 AR) was attached to 3/5 Cav (LTC John Brown, Commander) and Leners' tank platoon was immediately attached to C Troop 3-5 Cav (CPT Tony Turner, Commander). The platoon fought with 3-5 Cav throughout the ground war.

LTC Marty M. Leners, as of September, 2010:
Assistant Staff Group Advisor
Staff Group 12D
Center for Army Tactics
Command and General Staff College
Lewis and Clark Center Office 4178C

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