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Iraqi Refugee Stations
See captions below.


The photographer writes:

Top Photo: "After hostilities ended, 3rd Armored settled in just south of the Iraqi border, near the town of Safwan, Iraq. It was here that General Norman Swarzkopf accepted the defeat of Iraqi forces and set conditions that Saddam has been chafing at ever since. It was also here that Iraqis, who had attempted to oust Saddam Hussien from power, fled when their attempt failed. The Red Cross established a large refugee camp just south of Safwan, and it quickly filled with refugee families. As in most conflicts, the American soldiers quickly layed down their arms and became humanitarians, aiding however and whenever he or she could. The refugee problem was solved when Saudi Arabia agreed to re-settle the refugees in their country. In this photo, refugees, who have been bussed from the camp to Safwan Airfield, are processed through the American and Red Cross offices before boarding American C-130 transports."

Bottom Photo: "Iraqi refugees arrive at an airstrip guarded by 3rd Armored troops and prepare to board flights to their new homes in Saudi Arabia."

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