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50th Anniversary of the Liberation of France & Belgium
A trip sponsored by the 3rd Armored Division Association

Sampling from a Busy Tour

Thanks to the following 3AD WWII veterans who sent these photos in 2005:
  Dick Goodie (A/486 AAA)
John O'Brien (32 AR)
Aurio Pierro (B/33 AR)
Russ Eick (C/486 AAA)

September, 1994
Tour Director: John O'Brien

Arends, Lewis
Brewer, Jack
Brewer, Alice
Clarke, Robert
Clarke, Ruth
Coker, Julia
Coker, Jennifer
Coons, Elizabeth
Connors, Maureen
Crawford, Donald
Davis, Chester
Davis, Belle
Dickinson, Marvin
Dill, Donald
Dill, Dolores
Ekman, Elmer
Eick, Russell
Eick, Rita
Elms, William
Giles, E. Curtis
Giles, Marge
Goodie, Richard
Goodie, Emily
Handford, James
Handford, Myrtle
Hedrick, David
Hedrick, Sherra
Kaufman, Paul
Howard, James
Howard, Doris
Knisley, Allen
Knisley, Phyllis
Kyle, Leonard
Lorenz, Elmer
Lorenz, Eleanor
Matthews, James
Matthews, Meredith
Miller, Richard
Miller, Theresa
Monger, William
O'Brien, John
O'Brien, Dennis
Orie, Bernie
Pierro, Aurio
Putnam, David
Robertson, Joe
Robertson, Virginia
Robinson, Robert
Robinson, Barbara
Robinson, John
Roemer Richard
Roemer, Florence
Root, Rosalie
Ruth, William
Ruth, Eulalia
Sandow, Erwin
Sandow, Dorothy
Simons, Yale
Simons, Barbara
Sanders, Frank
Stitt, Walter
Stitt, Elizabeth
St. Amour, Roland
St. Amour, Rena
Sullivan, Robert
Sullivan, Anna
Swirsky, Robert
Swirsky, Molly
Tanner Robert
Tanner, Doris
Tarvainen, Toivo
Tompkins, Aulay
Tucker, Carl
Tucker, Olga
Turcotte, Eugene
Turcotte, Ruphelle
Valliere, Mary
Van Allen, George
Van Allen, Ellen
Weiss, August
Weiss, Amy
Young, Robert
Young, Alice


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