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3AD Association Poet Laureate
703rd Tank Destroyer Bn


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  Above: the main tools of the trade of Lt. Hap Paulson and his 703rd TD Bn comrades in WWII. At left, the M-10 GMC TD and (right) the M-36 GMC TD, which replaced the M-10 in late 1944. The above Signal Corps photo was taken at Stolberg, Germany, on October 24, 1944, when the first M-36's arrived at the 703rd. The 90mm M-36, as opposed to the 3-inch/76mm M-10, was designed to be much better in dealing with the heavier German tanks such as the Panther and the Tiger I. In addition to its bigger gun, the M-36 had power turret traverse and a common engine with the rest of the Sherman tank fleet. (Photo from the University of Illinois 3AD Association Archives)

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