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of November, 2004
by Aurio Pierro
President, 3rd Armored Division Association


November 9, 2004

Dear Spearheaders,

I consider it an honor to have been elected and to serve as President of the Third Armored Division Association for the year 2004-2005, and, as such, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and opinions as to the future of our Association.

My association with the Third Armored Division started when, after eight weeks of basic training at Fort Knox, I was assigned to B Company, 33rd Armored Regiment, at the Camp Polk in March, 1942. My entire service thereafter, until the end of the war, was with B Company. I developed a special relationship with my B Co. men.

When I was discharged and returned to civilian life, I renewed my ambition to become a lawyer. I was admitted to the Practice of Law in Massachusetts and the United States District Court of Massachusetts. I pursued a career in the Law until it came time to go on "Vacation". However, I still maintain my License to Practice Law.

When I first learned of the Third Armored Division Association in 1949, I was eager to see my old friends from B Co. As a result, I attended my first Reunion in New York City in 1949. Since then, I've attended every Reunion, except two, and have enjoyed every one of them.

My incentive to attend the early Reunions was to see and enjoy the comradeship of my B Co. and Task Force Lovelady friends. As time went on and I attended later Reunions, I became acquainted with and enjoyed the comradeship of Spearheaders of other Third Armored units and their families. As a result of having made new friendships with Spearheaders and their families, the Reunions have become even more enjoyable.

With the passage of time and the natural aging of our Spearheaders, with its infirmities and even death, fewer Spearheaders are able to come to our Reunions. I hope that the uncertainties which we all face will create an incentive to attend "one more Reunion", to see and enjoy the comradeship of our fellow Spearheaders and their families.

Some of our Spearheaders have expressed a strong desire that we continue our Reunions "until the last man". I like that attitude.

As you all know, in July, 2004, we had our first "Limited Joint Reunion" in Columbus, Ohio, with the Association of 3rd Armored Division Veterans. I believe that it was enjoyed by everyone who was there. Our Reunion in Indianapolis (July, 2005) will be a similar "Limited Joint Reunion".

I believe that we should continue our Spearhead Tradition. And a way to do so is to continue our two separate entities, and to have Joint Reunions with some joint non-conflicting activities.

It is my opinion that our Association is governed by our Third Armored constitution. In accordance with our Constitution, the most serious decisions are made by the members. You, the members, control the future of our Association. I hope that our Association and our Reunions continue into the future.

I urge you all to come to our 2005 reunion in Indianapolis, to enjoy the comradeship of fellow Spearheaders and their families.

Association President

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