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of October, 2006
by Bill Goss
President, 3rd Armored Division Association

  Fellow Spearheaders,

To be President of the 3rd Armored Division for the Golden Anniversary of 2007, I am honored. It's hard to believe that 59 years ago the association was organized and held its first reunion in Chicago. Many past reunions have been enjoyed by fellow Spearheaders that have met and become life-long friends. Many of the friendships have been the backbone in organizing and serving to make the 3rd the great organization we continue to enjoy today.

My encounter with the 3rd reunion was back in 1981 in Chicago. Members of the 3rd and 486th kept informing me we were missing a great annual get-together. We attended (1,300) and met many interesting members and friends. Since that reunion, we have volunteered our services and held various offices with great pride.

This year the 3rd Armored Board of Governors had the Armed Forces Reunions Inc. responsible for organizing and planning our reunion held in Arlington (Washington, D.C.). We thank them for making the five-day event a great success. Our Board of Governors met during the reunion and voted to have the Armed Forces Reunion Inc. consult and plan our activities for the 2007 reunion in Louisville, KY.

As we look forward to planning for the 2007 reunion, the Board of Governors and members of the 3rd should find time to make contact with fellow Spearheaders that could not attend this year's reunion. Make telephone calls, send a post card, e-mail, or write a letter, etc. Make it known to them the pleasure and enjoyment you had in attending the reunion in Washington, D.C. or past reunions. Write a short message of your encounters and send a copy to our Sec. Walter Stitt for the newsletter. The names and addresses are listed inside the cover of our newsletter. Our Sec. Walter Stitt told me that 1,600 copies of each issue are being mailed out. Wouldn't you like to see your story in one of the newsletters?

I look forward to seeing you at the reunion in Louisville, KY. Stay healthy.

Association President
486th AAA Bn

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