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of September, 2005
by Bill Heinz
President, 3rd Armored Division Association

  Fellow Spearheaders,

I am honored to be your President for 2006. I joined this organization on July 17, 1948 at the City Club in Boston. It's hard to believe that was 57 years ago. We have a great group and I have made many friends over the years. I feel privileged to be a member of this great organization and I want to share some of my favorite experiences with you.

My first reunion was in 1954 in Reading, PA. I remember along with Archie Boyer having breakfast with General Hickey the Sunday morning we left for home. He was a real gentleman and his last words to us was "take it easy driving home as it is better to be safe than sorry."

There was also the great time we had with the group in "92" that took part in John O'Brien's tour of Europe. We made lifelong friends that we are still are in contact with today. It reminds us that we are one big family. I am sure you all remember our Honorary President G. George Edmonson, he and my late wife Sarah shared a common birthday, George's the anniversary of his heart transplant.

And most recently my participation on the committee that Bill Ruth appointed in Columbus in 1999 to erect a monument to the Division at Valley Forge, PA. This was the project of the late John Gooden who was unable to fulfill his dream after he was murdered in his law office. Ernie Gamble, Bill Ruth, the late Dave Wolf and I were charged to make John's dream a reality. No one thought we could do it but we proved them wrong. It was left it to the Sec/Treas and I to come up with the money and with your generosity we in fact exceeded our goal. About two hundred spectators joined us at the dedication ceremony. My daughters were both there and my youngest had a hand reach out of the crowd and ask her if she knew Bill Heinz. She looked him in the eye and asked him if he was kidding which he wasn't. He turned out to be a retired lawyer by the name of Dan Crough whose father was KIA at Grouven near the Erft Canal. Dan attended the dedication with the hope of finding someone who could tell him what happened to his dad. I was able to recount the events and give him the date and almost the exact time his Dad's tank was knocked out. My date was not the one the War Department sent to his mother, but, I know mine was correct as a little over twelve hours later I was on my way back to the hospital.

I look forward to seeing you all at the reunion in Washington DC planned for October, 2006 at the Sheraton Arlington, VA.

Stay healthy.

Association President
C/83rd Recon

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