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The Year 2012 in Review

By Walt Stitt
Association Secretary/Treasurer

The year 2012 has seen some "historic" events in the Association's annals. In October, by a unanimous vote of the participating regular membership, a new amendment (#17) to the Constitution allows family members to be accepted as regular members of the Association with full voting rights and with the right to be voted onto the Board of Governors and onto corporate positions. This is very exciting news, with more information coming soon from the Board.

This amendment is the best way we can guarantee the perpetuation of the Spearhead WWII legacy far into the future. It will also greatly help to provide the expansion and permanence of the website and to allow a continuity of Division representation in many future dealings. Those dealings include, for example, inquiries from historians, the general public, and filmmakers; collaboration with the University of Illinois Archives; and future involvement with the National Armor Museum at Ft. Benning and the future National Museum of the U.S. Army outside Washington, D.C.

Also in 2012, the March Association Newsletter was the final publication of its printed and mailed edition. It had been published continuously since 1948. Current Association funds and a lessening membership (with corresponding loss of incoming dues) simply made the production and mailing of our traditional newsletter impossible.

However, 2012 also saw the birth of the Association's new "Online Newsletter", which is now available on the website to anyone with access to the Internet. The Newsletter address is, and there will also be a permanent conspicuous link to the Newsletter on the home page.

Now I know that some of you are going to say, "I don't have a computer!" or "What am I ... a genius!?" Well, I believe there is hope and opportunity. The great majority of our members, if not computer savvy enough, can certainly find a younger family member, a neighbor, or even a helpful local librarian to log onto our Newsletter and show the pages on the computer screen or easily print copies.

The new online Newsletter will be free for viewers, but it's not free to produce and maintain. While still far less expensive that the older mailed edition, incoming dues and other donations are still needed, not only to support the Newsletter, but to help with the maintenance and continued expansion of the website. There is, in my opinion, no finer tribute and "monument" to the 3rd Armored Division of WWII than Incoming dues and donations will then be used primarily for the support of both the online Newsletter and Those much appreciated, tax-deductible checks should be made out to the Association and mailed to me as your Secretary/Treasurer.

Walt Stitt

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