Biography and Photos of

Lt. General Frederic J. Brown
U.S. Army

(Born 1905. Died 1971.)

  During WWII, Frederic J. Brown was the Division Artillery Commander of the 3rd Armored Division from 1942 to 1945, including its drives through Normandy, northern France, eastern Belgium, and deep into central Germany. In 1944-45, his were the first Allied artillery units to fire onto German soil and to enter Germany itself and to reach the Rhine River. Later in Germany during 1959-60 in the Cold War, he served as Commanding General of the 3rd Armored Div., a force also armed with tactical nuclear weapons. Born on 9 July 1905 in Britton, South Dakota, Brown was commissioned a field artillery officer from the U.S. Military Academy in 1927. Following WWII, he attended the National War College (1947); served at Headquarters EUCOM (1950); was the Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations at Hq's USAREUR (1952); Assistant Chief of Staff at Headquarters EUCOM (1952-54); Chief of Staff, USAREUR (1958-59); Division Commander, 3rd Armored Div. (1959-60); Commander, V Corps (1960); Commander, Headquarters Allied Land Forces Southern Europe (1962-63); Commander, Sixth Army (1963-65); and retired in 1965 as a Lieutenant General. Brown was recalled to active duty to direct a review of Army logistics (The Brown Board, 1965-67). Following his full retirement, Brown was President of the U.S. Army Armor Association located at Ft. Knox, KY. His awards included two Distinguished Service Medals, two Silver Star Medals, two Legions of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal, and the Air Medal. He died in Washington, DC on 13 March 1971 and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

  Col. F.J. Brown in March, 1945 is presented the Legion of Merit by Maj. Gen. J. Lawton Collins, Commander of the VII Corps. At upper right is Maj. Gen. Maurice Rose, Commander of the 3rd Armored Division. Collins was promoted to Lt. Gen. in the following month.


  In 1959 ceremony at 3rd Armored Division headquarters, Drake Kaserne, Frankfurt/M, Germany: Maj. Gen. Frederic J. Brown (left), then 3AD Commanding General, is pictured with Brig. Gen. Creighton Abrams, then 3AD Assistant Division Commander.

  Lt. Col. F.J. Brown in 1941, then Commander of the 54th Armored Field Artillery Bn, 3rd Armored Division, during stateside training.

  Col. F.J. Brown in 1944, somewhere in Belgium or Germany.

  Col. F.J. Brown on 09/01/44 receives the Bronze Star from Maj. Gen. Maurice Rose (with back to camera).


Col. F.J. Brown in 1945 outside his artillery Command Post van somewhere in Germany.


  Lt. Gen. F.J. Brown, Commanding General, V Corps in Frankfurt/M, Germany, in 1960.


  Lt. Gen. F.J. Brown, Commanding General, U.S. Sixth Army in 1963-65, headquartered at the Presidio of San Francisco, California.

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