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Award of the Belgian Fourragère

  In a ceremony at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, on February 11, 1949, the Belgian Ambassador to the U.S. conferred his country's highest national award to the 3rd Armored Division. The Division had originally been bestowed this great honor, but without a formal ceremony, on November 3, 1945, the week before its deactivation in post-war Germany. But with Spearhead's reactivation in 1947, plans for a fitting ceremony in the U.S. were finally established. Those in attendance at Ft. Knox included then current Division Commander MG Roderick Allen and a sizable contingent of 3AD WWII veterans, including Major Gen. Doyle O. Hickey, who would soon serve as chief of staff in the Korean War under both Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Lt. Gen. Matthew Ridgeway. Below are portions of the original announcement, as published by the Consul General of Belgium in New York.

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