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"THE WAR" by Ken Burns opens with 3rd Armored photo

  A cropped photo showing two 3rd Armored, 36th Infantry soldiers behind a Sherman tank was chosen as the lead graphic (below) for each episode of Ken Burns' acclaimed WWII television documentary, "The War", released in September, 2007. Read further below for new information about the names of those soldiers, who both survived the war.

Soldiers are finally identified:


Following its release by the Army in 1945, the above photo has been published many times - including in "Spearhead in the West," various newspapers, and in WWII picture books - but nowhere were the two soldiers identified - that is, until now on 3AD.com. Those soldiers were Cpl. James L. Gregory (at left), then of Joliet, Illinois, and T/5 Omer G. Taylor, then of Vienna, Illinois, and both of Hq Co, 1st Bn, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment. Taylor passed away in 1993, and we have been unable to locate Gregory or his family members.

That convincing identification first came to 3AD.com in October, 2007, from Don Moffitt of Holland, Minnesota, a T/5 radio operator with Hq Co, 1st Bn, 36th AIR, in WWII, from Normandy, France, to Dessau, Germany. Our thanks to Don and his grandson William Moffitt for their interest and information. And, thanks to Bob E. Taylor of Vienna, Illinois, the brother of T/5 Omer G. Taylor, aka Glendon Taylor, for his help with this research.

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