Booklet from Dominic Rizzo, 486th AAA Bn, WWII.
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  Spearheading with the Third Armored Division was published in Germany as an internal Division historical project in 1945 some weeks after the war ended. The packed 55-page booklet, covering Division operations from Stolberg to the Elbe River, was meant as a sequel to the booklet Call Me Spearhead, which was published in 1944 by Army European headquarters in Paris. Produced by Major Haynes Dugan and a small Div. Headquarters team, Spearheading laid the groundwork for the comprehensive Division history, Spearhead in the West, that was to follow in December, 1945, with actual publishing in January, 1946.

Actual booklet size: 4 in. x 5 in. x 55 pages.
Booklet cover by 3AD combat-artist John Garner.

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