Booklet from Chris Brous, 23rd Engr Bn, WWII.
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and for the folks back home, with the war going strong.

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  Published in the fall of 1944, Call Me Spearhead was the product of the Information and Education Division of the U.S. Army European Theater of Operations Headquarters in Paris. The basic materials were supplied to the editors by 3rd Armd. Div. headquarters staff. This small booklet, 32 pages in length including photos and illustrations, briefly summarizes Division operations from Normandy to the Siegfried Line. Spearhead troops began receiving the booklet some weeks before the Battle of the Bulge erupted.

Actual booklet size: 4 in. x 5 in. x 32 pages.
Booklet cover by 3AD combat-artist John Garner.

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