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"Before & After" Views
from the Cologne Cathedral - 1945 & 1998
(See caption below)

Enlarge Top Photo

  The top photo was taken on March 7, 1945, by a US Army Sig Corp photographer attached to the 3AD from First Army. The bottom photo was taken in 1998 for the British magazine After The Battle. The Cathedral Square (lower portion of 1998 photo) now includes a small park and courtyard and an underground subway entrance. The 1945 photo shows the German Mark V Panther tank (lower center of photo) that was knocked out on March 6th, 1945, by a 3AD M-26 Pershing tank, as is pictured in detail on the "Bates' Cologne Film" section in our WWII Feature Articles. The barrel of Panther is pointing down Marzellen Strasse.

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