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"D" Co, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment
3rd Armored Division


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about the fighting there in December, 1944:


Released in late 2009
and available on

Bob Kauffman joined the 36th AIR, Co D, in Normandy in mid-June, 1944, as a replacement for a rifleman who had been killed. Between then and May, 1945, he was wounded three times, twice hospitalized, and twice rejoined Co D. It's not an exaggeration to say that Kauffman's harrowing close-in experiences as an infantryman, and his close-calls with death, exceeded those of any Hollywood-portrayed soldier, real or fictional. How he somehow survived was nothing short of a miracle. This engrossing book will put you at his side, but, beware, this was a time when infantrymen did not have body armor and bullet-proof helmets.

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  Top Photo: Robert F. Kauffman in 1944. Lower Photo: Kauffman in middle of group at Grandmenil, Belgium Church on May 4, 1990 for Thanksgiving Mass, with, from left to right: D. Francois of CRIBA and the Manhay Foundation holding photo of the late Lester Wertman; M. Pierre Hubin, mayor of the Manhay district, holding flag; Robert F. Kauffman, holding gift from the Manhay district; Pete Derr, who travelled with Kauffman; and Raymond Goeme, of Liege, representing CRIBA (the Center of Research & Information on the Battle of Ardennes). (Photo from University of Illinois 3AD Archives)

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