Photo by Marvin Mischnick
from his personal files
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VII Corps Flag-Raising Ceremony - Cologne Sports Stadium


  March 11, 1945 (by Sgt. Frank Woolner, Div Hq) - The American flag went up over this battered city on the Rhine today. At a ceremony attended by officers and men of the First Army's crack VII Corps, the 3rd Armored, 104th, and 8th Infantry Divisions, Major General J. Lawton Collins officially raised the Stars & Stripes on a flagstaff at Cologne's well-kept sportsplatz ... overhead, a flight of P-47s wheeled in the grey sky ... the band struck up the Star Spangled Banner and there was a gust of sound as all of these fighting men rose to the salute. [From Spearhead in the West]

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