Photos by Marvin Mischnick
from his personal files
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M3 Lee Tank at Camp Polk, LA - 1942
The 3AD would not see a Sherman until late in 1943 in England.

  Comment from Dan Fong, Web Staff: The M3 Lee and M3 Grant tanks were both built during the period of June 1941 to Aug 1942. The difference was the turret and stowage, which was to British specifications on the Grant. But the British used both Lee and Grant, largely in Africa. The US used the Lee, but only briefly in Africa and the Pacific. By the time the 3AD began training in England in Sept 1943, the Lee had been replaced by the Sherman. As for the guns on the Lee: the turret gun is a 37mm M6 and the larger gun in the hull is the 75mm M2. The small turret machine gun is a .30 cal M1919A4. There is a .30 cal coax machine gun mounted next to the 37mm and 2 more .30 cals mounted in the front of the hull below the driver's vision port.

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