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Published in the 3AD Association Newsletter - December, 1970


November 6, 1970
P. 0. Box 211
Taft, Texas 78390

Dear Fellow Spearheaders,

I understand you want a news letter from the Pools. I just don't know how or where to begin, but here goes - but, before I start, the most important thing to us. There are never enough words at a time like this to express our true feelings of thankfulness, appreciation and gratitude for all our wonderful Third Armored Association brothers and what you have done for us. However, we do thank each and everyone of you and ask God to bless you.

As you know, Lafe was wounded on Sept. 19, 1944. He was shipped to England and from there to William Beaumont Gen. Hosp., El Paso, Texas. After a stay in the hospital of 22 months, he was discharged from the service at Lawton General Hosp. in Atlanta, Ga., on June 6, 1946. He came to Corpus Christi and started a business, but the Army wouldn't let him alone - he reentered the service in July, 1948, in South Carolina. On September 19, 1969, at Brook Gen. Hosp. in Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Lafe was retired from the service. In 1946 his right leg was amputated eight inches above the knee. In 1959 they removed the knee cap from his left knee; he has three discs in his spine which have disintegrated and this has been giving him much trouble since "Celia," but he has never stopped. He says he is not disabled - just slowed down.

Lafe went to business college in San Angelo, Texas, and received his Jr. Accounting and Business Adm. certificates, but his heart was always set on preaching God's word. This he did very well since 1960 as a resident minister until last June. He resigned and started teaching school in junior high. He is teaching welding and small motor maintenance under the CVAE program. He enjoys this very much. It is helping boys that really need help, if they want it.

We have seven children, four grandchildren, one step-grandson and another one due in December. While Lafe was minister, he was privileged to perform the wedding ceremonies of two of our children.

Our eldest son, 1st Lt. Jerry (26), has been missing in action in SE Asia since March 24, 1970. He is in the 5th Special Forces. He has a 4-year-old son and a daughter 2 years. His wife and family are awaiting his return to North Carolina near Fort Bragg in their mobile home.

Our second son, Thomas (24), is the manager for the cafeterias in Commerce, Texas, for East Texas State College. He could not go into the service as he is going deaf. He and his wife have no children.

Our third son, Sp.5 Rickie (22), is teaching radar and computer maintenance in New Jersey. He spent one year in Vietnam in the 101st Airborne. We know he won the Bronze Star, but he never told us anything about his year there. He and his wife are expecting their first child in December. She has a sweet little four-year-old boy from a previous marriage (his daddy was killed).

Yolanda is our eldest daughter (20) and has two beautiful little girls (1 yr. and two yrs.). Yolanda attends Stevenson's Beauty College in Corpus. She made a wrong choice of mates, so is making a new life for herself and her daughters. They are living with us at the present time.

Paula is our second daughter (named for Paul Maurer [3AD WWII chaplain]). She is 17 and a senior in high school. Last year, Paula was in the top five in the Miss Taft Pageant, one of the Homecoming Queen nominees, modeled for our leading department store and for one of the women's clubs in a private showing, represented Taft on the float for the Chamber of Commerce in the Buccaneers' Parade in Corpus. She plans to be an interior decorator.

Deborah is our third daughter (15). She is a freshman in high school this year. She is fixing to come into her own, so big sisters better watch out.

John, our youngest, is 10 and a fifth grader; great in sports. He loves to fish, and is a "Pebble Puppy" - rock hound. He's 100% boy.

Lafe works with little leagues and has done so everywhere we've lived. He really enjoys working with young people. He is going to Del Mar College in Corpus on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, taking Texas Government and History. We also have a lot of church activities so you see we don't have any time to get stale. We are making plans to attend the 3AD Reunion next year. We had planned to make it to Dallas, but Lafe was in school.

God has been very good to us and we know. He will continue with us as long as we stay with Him.

Thanks for finding us and letting us know how closely knit the Association is. We never dreamed it was so well organized.

Thanks to everyone again for everything. May god bless you all.

Love always,

Lafe and Evelyn Pool


[Staff Note: The Pool's oldest son, 1st Lt. Jerry L. Pool, Army Special Forces Green Beret, was reported missing in Cambodia in March, 1970, was declared dead in 1978.]

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