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Yes, there WAS a 105mm Sherman.
(captions below)


Top Photo: The Signal Corps information identifies these as 3AD 105mm Sherman howitzers of the 2nd Bn, 32nd Armor, in action in the Valley of Trou De Bra, Belgium, along highway N432, 20 kilometers west of Trois-Ponts, in January 1945 (Battle of the Bulge).

Bottom Photo: [Info from Dan Fong, Web Staff] This is not a 3AD Sherman, but is used here as a demonstration of the little-publicized fact that the M4 and M4A3 models of the Sherman had versions mounting a 105mm howitzer. Their purpose was to give the tank battalion its own internal artillery support. Standard Army organization at the time specified six such versions per battalion, broken down as follows: one in each tank company and the remaining three in an assault gun platoon under the control of the battalion HQ. These Shermans were used in both indirect and direct fire roles. In some battalions, the 105-armed Shermans in the companies were combined with the three in the assault-gun platoon making a six-gun platoon. But we do not yet know if this practice was in the 3AD. The 3AD could have had up to 24 total of these vehicles in its four medium tank battalions. We do not know what the two light tank battalions would have had.

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