Army Signal Corps photo
from Dan Fong, Web Staff
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Spearhead Sherman Tanks in Cologne



Comment by Dan Fong of Website Staff:

"During and after the capture of Cologne on March 5-7, 1945, 3AD tanks were a common sight for those few, and no doubt dazed, civilians who had remained in the city. The Sherman in the foreground is the M4A3E2 version. The troops called it a 'Jumbo' because it had heavier armor than the standard Sherman. Only 254 Jumbo's were built. This one is also up-gunned with a 76mm, which was done in theatre, replacing its original-issue 75mm. The Sherman in the left background is an M4A1 with a 76mm gun. The Sherman behind the Jumbo is a M4A3 with a 76mm gun."

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