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Band at Margraten, The Netherlands - 1987

  The following is the text of "Faces of Remembrance", which appears within the newspaper layout below:

"Annually, hundreds of Spearhead soldiers and their family members commemorate the sacrifices of fallen World War II soldiers in Margraten and other cemeteries where American soldiers are buried. Often their faces tell the story. [continued further below]


[continued from top of page]

"Clockwise from top left, two members of the Color Guard, PFC George A. Sprague and PFC Paul Sannino, both from the 503rd MP Co, concentrate on their parts in the Margraten ceremony.

"Brig. Gen. John and Marlene Herrling, ADC-S, Hanau; Col. William and Susan Boice, Chief of Staff, 3rd Armd Div, pay homage to fallen soldiers during a prayer.

"Honor Guard members prepare to fire the 21-gun salute in honor of their comrades who gave their lives during WWII.

"SSgt. Lee McPherson, 3rd Armd Div Band, honors the war heroes the best way he knows - with music.

"This WW II veteran remembers his friends he lost during the war.

"A Dutch soldier plays musical tribute to soldiers who protected his country's freedom during WW II.

"3rd Armd Div Band members played several renditions during the ceremony in Margraten, Holland."

Photos by John Barker

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