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  Rose at Front
Anti-Tank Gun
486th after Bulge
Sniper Victim
Firing at Snipers
88mm Damage

On Stretcher
Troops in Town
Engineers on Line

83rd Recon Rolls
Sherman Burning
Malmedy #1

Malmedy #2
Tanker Walking
Sherman & Panzer
Young POW's

P-47 Squadron
P-38 Lightning
Cathedral Panzer

Bird's-Eye View
Rose Initial Burial

Casket Lowered
Pershing Prowls
Sherman Convoy
Street Fighting
Woolworth Store
American Graves
POW's in Truck
3AD Dead
Long Dirt Road

Prayer in Field

Convoy & Crowd
Nuns Waving
Wounded Boy
Fresh POWs
Medic & Birds
Victory Party
88mm Souvenir
Thank-You Kiss

German Kids
Red Cross Girls
President Truman

More to come.

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